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PINTL + KEYT is a new ethical brand, based in Chicago. We currently offer ready to wear garments for women. Our garments are made with organic cotton, original textile designs / prints, and are ethically manufactured in India. Wholesale, International Shipping and FAQ's.

What does pintl + keyt mean?

In Yiddish, PINTL means a point or dot and KEYT (pronounced like Kate) loosely translates to a link or connection. To us, PINTL stands for design, which can't begin without a starting point. KEYT is the link and connection between us the designers, and the women who produce our products, to the consumers, and an educational mission of ethical fashion. 


PINTL + KEYT products are manufactured with people and the planet in mind. All our products are made with organic cotton so that it's better for the planet, and your skin!  The designs on the garment and scarf fabric are digitally printed so that we only print the amount we need for each collection, minimizing fabric waste.  We have our patterns hand screen printed on our accessories with GOT dyes, which are better for the water supply. The women at Work+Shelter, who sew our garments, are paid a living wage and work in safe conditions. These are the things that make our products ethical / fair trade.

PINTL + KEYT is also a business member of Chicago Fair Trade, which is the largest fair trade coalition in the USA. They  increase support for economic and environmental justice through consumer education, advocacy and promotion of local fair trade businesses.

Where can I go to try on the collection?

If you're in Chicago,  feel free to check out the shops in our stocklist. We are also able to make a home / work visit with as many garments and sizes for you can try on if you're in the Chicagoland area. If you aren't located in Chicago, email us at and let us know where you're located! If we'll be in your neck of the woods, we will let you know and bring pieces for you to try on.

We sure do! Email us at or check out our shipping policy to learn what your options are! 




We do! Shoot us an email at if you are interested in stocking any of our garments, home goods or accessories.