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About Us

PINTL + KEYT is a new ethical brand, based in Chicago. We currently offer ready to wear garments for women. Our garments are made with organic cotton, original textile designs / prints, and are ethically manufactured in India. 

PINTL + KEYT,  was founded in 2015 by designer sisters Shifra and Leah Whiteman. We are a design collective.

PINTL means a point and KEYT loosely translates to connection in Yiddish (Shifra and Leah's first language). First and foremost, we are a design collective; each with very distinct style and direction. Through collaboration we use inspiration from across the spectrum to push us forward and tell a story.

Driven by a desire to change the socio-economic and environmental effects of fast fashion and manufacturing, we at PINTL + KEYT strive to produce products in the most sustainable and responsible manner.  We take pride in using organic materials and in paying those who produce our products at Work+Shelter, a livable wage.